Book Design

A book is definitely judged by its cover!
– and its interior

You’re a new author, you’ve worked hard on your manuscript, and more than anything you want to get it into the hands of people you know will be inspired, educated and entertained by your work. Self-publishing can be a tricky route to take to market, even though it is becoming more and more popular now. It can be made all the more tricky if the final printed product hasn’t been given the care and attention needed to make it attractive and readable to a potential reader.

In the past 10 years I’ve managed the publishing process of over twenty books for various authors in the UK and the US, working with proofreaders, illustrators and printers to create unique and professionally published books that are sold across the world through online markets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For each book I’ve taken a different approach, ensuring that the author’s voice is made loud and clear through the book and cover design.

The Process

Depending on your budget, your manuscript will get:

  • Low-level edit and grammar check
  • Read by a professional proofreader
  • Designed and set to a professional standard
  • A cover designed
  • An ISBN
  • Printed by professional book printers, with stock delivered to your door (or any other address – for instance, if you’re speaking at a church)
  • Made available for sale on Amazon
  • An eBook version, also on Amazon and provided for your own website
    * if you don’t have your own website, we can look at adding that into the package – check out this page

Use this form to get in touch and start the discussion. Get your own work published is not a short process, if you want to do it right. I need to know from you what you want for this book, so drop me a note and I’ll get back to you to discuss the process and the cost.

Worship Devotions book interior

Worship Devotions

We All Get To Play, book cover

We All Get To Play

Conflict & Compassion: Rediscovering Jesus, book cover

Conflict & Compassion: Rediscovering Jesus

Conflict & Compassion: Rediscovering Jesus, book interior

Conflict & Compassion: Rediscovering Jesus

Worship Devotions book cover

Worship Devotions

19, book interior


Booklet for New Life Church, Stowmarket

Booklet for New Life Church, Stowmarket

Breath Again, book interior

Breath Again